What is the difference between Refilled, Re manufactured and Compatible?

Refilled cartridges are generally the cheapest alternative to OEM cartridges and possibly while still being environmentally friendly are not the best option in a Corporate Environment due to the nature of defective cartridges that are found.

Remanufactured cartridges are good enough for corporate use – However, it all depends on the manufacturer and the quality standards that are followed by that Manufacturer. All of our components are either assembled in U.A.E or in international plants in the U.S and China, under strict monitoring and control of our  Q.A in the U.A.E.

How to I purchase a Repografix product. What Warranties do I have?

Purchasing our products is as simple as – a phone call to – 04 3365038 or an email – to info@repografix.com

We have a comprehensive warranty for 24 months – the longest in the industry. This is to give you, our customer the peace of mind that our products will last the distance.

How do I save with you?

We sell solutions, not just toner cartridges. Our solutions revolve around your needs.

From Managed Print Services – Where we provide the machine, the toner , service and parts, to Full Service Solutions and Annual Maintenance Contracts.You save between 20 -30% vs O.E.M Cartridges, while we deliver similar performance and reliability and give you value added services as well.

Will your cartridges damage my printer?

Our cartridges are warranted for 24 months. Additionally we also warrant your printers against any damage caused by our cartridges. There are essentially no situations where compatible cartridges will damage printers, but the warranty that we provide helps to put your mind at ease while switching over to us.